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Why doesn’t the coupon code work on lash products?

  • Our eyelash kits and accessories are excluded from the discount codes because they are marketed at the most competitive price, therefore we can’t drop the price any lower.


When do you ship out orders?

  • We package and ship the same business day the order is placed


nba虎扑最手机版本I would like to cancel my order but it has already been shipped out.

  • Because the order has already been shipped out, cancellation is not possible as the package is no longer in our facility, sorry!


I would like to change my address but the order has already been shipped out.

  • We're sorry to inform you that because your order has already been shipped out, we are unable to make any changes to the shipping address.  We would advice you to contact whichever carrier is making the delivery and see if they'd be able to help with the changes.  


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